​​​​​​​Greenville Sisters, The Abbey of the Grand Palmetto


Sister Agatha Luv

Why did you choose that name?

Agatha comes from my favorite character in the original Pokémon games, because anyone who knows me knows that Pokémon is one of my favorite things in this world. And love is something that comes naturally to me, being able to express love and compassion to everyone from my closest friends and family to someone I just met. Put it all together and you get Agatha Luv, a verbal manifestation of the endless love I wish to share with my community.

Who is your mother in the Order?
Sister Evelyn Tensions

Why did you join the Order?:     
I joined the Order because I wanted a way to contribute to the LGBTQ+ community by sharing my love, so that nobody has to feel alone like I did when I was first understanding my orientation and trying to figure out how I fit into my community. 

What is your personal mission or ministry?
My ministry has two focuses. 

One is to the outsiders; the nerds and self-proclaimed weirdos who don’t feel like they fit in because they choose to be their true, authentic selves. I want to make sure they know they are beautiful and loved just the way they are. 

The other focus is something I call “closet ministry”. I know what it’s like to have to stay in the closet while figuring out who you are. And while I know apps like Grindr can help, I know they can also have dangerous people for those who are new in the community. So I work to serve as someone people know they can safely come to to talk in confidence about anything, from personal feelings to sex and how to prepare for it, without feeling obligated to divulge more information then they want to. I wish I had a safe person to talk to when I was figuring myself out, so I want to be that person for others.

Name at least one person (living or dead - met them or not) who inspires you?
Honestly one of my biggest inspirations is Sister Evelyn Tensions. Her devotion to her community and willingness to be her most authentic self at all times inspires me to strive to improve myself every day.​

What is your favorite quote?
“Life is a joke that’s just begun!”—Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Mikado”​

What is your social media presence?​

Agatha Luv