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Sister Agatha Luv

I grew up being that perfect little kid who went to church, participated in Boy Scouts, and followed everything mommy and daddy said without question. It wasn’t until later that I got to explore my sexuality, thanks to some privacy and the wonders of the internet. My parents aren’t happy with my ‘life choice’, and it’s discussed is when they tell me I should hide my mannerisms and preferences, because being gay should be hidden behind closed doors. That’s the stigmatic guilt I live with, and wish to expiate in my community. I want to help those who are in a similar position as I was, confused about who they are and scared to tell anyone in fear of rejection.

I identify as Roman Catholic, albeit a very liberal one. One of my biggest issues with many Christians is they complain about issues and pray for an answer, but never do anything about it. Sometimes it requires action to make a difference, especially for those in the LGBT community who feel outcast and unloved. That’s where my calling to the Sisters comes in. I want everyone to know that they’re perfect as they are, no matter what anyone says.

But the love and acceptance for individuals come in many forms. Many people in our community fall into our own stereotypes, writing off anyone who isn’t a buff macho man before they even get to know the person. Now if that is the kind of guy you are there is nothing wrong with that, but there’s also nothing wrong with a little fabulousness either.

That being said, I’m a nerd and proud of it! I love of video games, anime, and sci-fi. I actually chose the name Agatha as an homage to my favorite character from the Pokemon series. This is also why most of my faces have been inspired by various Pokemon. It reaches out to a very unique group of people. A quiet introvert who got dragged out to a club might come up to me and say “You remind me of _____!” Suddenly they’ve found someone they can connect with, and I’ve found a way to minister to them.

I’m also a big advocate for kink. I may be a young cub, but I’ve seen a LOT in my time. As they say, it takes different strokes for different folks. Everyone has things that really get them going. Just because someone likes something you don’t doesn’t mean they’re a freak...just a little freaky.

It boils down to this: everyone is beautiful in their own way. People should love each other and respect their differences, because when we come together as individuals we make a rainbow that can be shared to make the world a better place.