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Being raised in a traditional Roman Catholic family was hard being forced to be something I did not fully believe in nor support. However at a young age abiding by your parents wishes was crucial. As the years passed my beliefs grew as an individual just like my own being. 

I always knew I was a little different then the rest. Wishing I could twirl like a princess and feel pretty. Having a mother who was surprisingly supportive to insure I grew into who I wanted to be was very humbling. Having a conversation with her during my teenage years changed who I was...for the better. She told me "if you want to strut around the house in red heels then you do so, but if my son is going to that you better do it with you chin held high and your heart strong." 

As I grew into an adult I came out as "gay". I had a very strong acceptance in high school of this announcement. I was lucky. Not all teens have that privilege of being accepted. As more time passes I then figured out what "sub culture" of the community I identified with. Not to break our community into such but it was like I came out all over again. With main stream media giving the perception to feel attractive you must be ripped and hairless. I felt differently. I wore it proud. 

Come to find out I actually identified with yet another "sub culture" in the community. Realizing after a bit of teasing and judgment I came out for another time. Taking my mothers advice and strutting proud with my head held high along with my heart strong. I was no longer afraid to truly be who I was. 

Which gave me the confidence and belief in the calling that is not for everyone of "sistery". After having numerous pleasant encounters with the Greenville sisters I expressed my interest. Deciding to dive head first was one of the best things I've ever done. 

I'm a bearded, white faced, eccentric, gay and proud Postulant of the Abby Of the Grand Palmetto. I'm a mystery wrapped in an enigma. A bearded lady of all trades. 

I am Beariana Grunté. 

Sister Beariana Grunté