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Sister Björna Gain

I am originally from Pickens SC. I now live in Greenville, SC of which I'm completely happy and content. 

I come from a conservative Christian family. Growing up in Church I would have never thought to be involved in the gay community as I was taught it was wrong. I hid my true feelings of self of which I knew were different at 5 years old. 

As years go by, I was devoted to the church and loved every bit of it aside from one thing... I couldn't be myself.

My senior year of high school is when I finally came to realize who I was and wasn't ashamed to show it. 

After a year or so, I was forced back into the closet and during that time, I was screaming internally the entire time. When I finally came "back out," I was able to help others with their journey as well as with fighting suicidal thoughts. This is a fight I fought myself and won with the help of my higher power. 

I'm still a firm believer in the Christian values but have integrated beliefs and made them my own. 

In my 27th year of life I have become a voice that others don't have. Give courage to those who lack, and love and acceptance to those that are empty. 

When I met Sister Evelyn, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence came into conversation as to  which I found interesting and asked numerous questions. I learned more about the Sisters and their responsibilities. Then I learned of the guards and their responsibilities as well. I'm not someone who talks to a lot of people at one time but I feel that I can be of complete support of those who do. 

As I've accepted the calling into the Sisterhood. Ive chosen the name of Björn DeSway.

Björn is there for his sisters in whatever they may need. And eager to walk with and experience  the journey ahead with my fellow founding members of the Abbey of the Grand Palmetto.

As of July 30, 2017, I transitioned from Guard Bjorn DeSway to Sister Bjorna Gain to follow my calling as a ministrant.