2017 marks eleven years since I first found myself writing a letter of intent with SPI.  I submitted my letter of Aspirancy with the San Diego Sisters the summer of 2006.

Since then, I have been honored to serve the communities in which I found myself, whether that be San Diego, Orlando, or now... Greenville, SC.

When I first moved here in September of last year, I was both worried and elated that there was not already a House here.  

Elated because I hoped it meant there was no need for ministry.

Worried because I felt that perhaps Greenville wasn't ready for a House.

I was wrong on both accounts.  Greenville is indeed ready for Sisters as I found when I manifested to celebrate my ninth year anniversary with the Order.  I was warmly received and the local interest was to put it mildly... piqued.

And Greenville most certainly needs a House.  Located in "The Upstate" Greenville, is the center of conservative culture in South Carolina.  Our historically red city, in a red county, surrounded by red counties, in the corner of our very red state needs Sisters

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Sister Evelyn Tensions