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Sister Evelyn Tensions

I began my path to ministry as a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence in San Diego, CA as, I submitted my letter of Aspirancy with the San Diego Sisters the summer of 2006.

Since then, I have been honored to serve the communities in which I found myself, whether that be San Diego, Orlando, or now... Greenville, SC.

When I first moved here in September of 2015, I was both worried and elated that there was not already a House here.  

Elated because I hoped it meant there was no need for ministry.

Worried because I felt that perhaps Greenville wasn't ready for a House.

I was wrong on both accounts.  Greenville is indeed ready for Sisters as I found when I manifested to celebrate my ninth year anniversary with the Order.  I was warmly received and the local interest was to put it mildly... piqued.

And Greenville most certainly needs a House.  Located in "The Upstate", Greenville, is the center of conservative culture in South Carolina.  Our historically red city, in a red county, surrounded by red counties, in the corner of our very red state needs Sisters.

The Upstate needs someone to show those who may have worries about not fitting in here, that there is indeed "room for everyone".  If I can let one person know that they are not the weirdo, they are not the unloved, that they are not too much and that there is hope, happiness and joy in living their true life, then I have succeeded.