Honoring the work started by Sisters Roz Erection and Florence Nightmare, our Play Fair! campaign has been updated to reflect current safer sex information, tools, practices, and modern design.

The full campaign is comprised of several parts:

1.  Play Fair! Kits containing:

      - 1 latex condom (internal (AKA "Female" condoms are also available, just ask us)

      - 1 3ml foil packet of water-soluble lube

      - 1 card (3.5"x2"), featuring fun and sassy acronyms, "SAFER, SEXY, FUCK" with safer sex information on the front and testing facility contact                      information on the backs.

      - 1 card (3.5"x2"), with the Abbey's contact information and mission statement

2.  Pamphlets (8.5"x11" trifold) outlining safer sex resources, information, and testing facilities
3.  Posters featuring the acronyms and testing facility information

4.  Fun (and naughty, if appropriate) demonstrations

The entire campaign can be setup as an informational table or used piecemeal, depending on the needs of the community.

If you are interested in having the us speak on safer sex practices, please contact us.

Responding to a crisis

Knowledge is Power

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In the early days of the 1980's, a devastating new disease was laying waste to

the gay community and at the time, little was known, and rumor, speculation, and superstition ran rampant.  The disease would come to be known as AIDS and as information about the virus that leads to it, HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) was just beginning to be more understood, two Sisters in San Francisco took it upon themselves to do something about it. in 1982, Sisters Roz Erection and Florence Nightmare, both registered nurses, joined with a team of Sisters and medical professionals to create the world's first, sex-positive, safer sex pamphlet, calling it Play Fair!

Since then, The Sisters have made safer sex education and risk mitigation one of the cornerstones of our ministry in cities around the world.  Each House has a unique take on the original Play Fair! pamphlet and as times have changed and knowledge has expanded, the information has changed to stay current and ensure that no one has to die from ignorance ever again.