What is your personal mission or ministry?
After joining and having a couple years under my belt my mission as always been to better the life of LGBT+ youth. In the South it's rare to have a parent ( like mine ) that fully and whole heartily supports you for being gay and I want to change that. I want the youth to feel wanted and loves and know that they are needed on this Earth. ​

Name at least one person (living or dead - met them or not) who inspires you?
Dolly Parton, Anna Nicole Smith, and Rainbow Brite .​

What is your favorite quote?
"I smell like McDonalds." 


What is your social media presence?​



Sister Reina Beau


Why did you choose that name?

It means rainbow, you can’t get more cuter than a rainbow. It’s everything that I try to be. Bright, full of color and life and I try to bring as much to a person like randomly seeing a real rainbow would.

Who is your mother in the Order?
Evelyn Tensions

Why did you join the Order?

​ When I saw a bunch of clown nuns coming herding into Club South 29, I was instantly intrigued. I had no idea what they were doing but I was into it. I went home and did my research and was like.. "oh, this is something I have been wanting to do but a little more razzle dazzle."

​​​​​​​Greenville Sisters, The Abbey of the Grand Palmetto

Reina Beau