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Sister Reina Beau

I am twenty-seven year old and recently married to my partner of eleven years. I also work as a licensed nail technician. I've lived in the upstate all of my life. Since I feel like this is an important part of why I am interested in being a Sister. I want to say that I came out to my mother when I was in sixth grade. It was during the summer and I interrupted an episode of Days of Our Lives to let her know that I wasn't straight like I thought I was supposed to be. I was very grateful, I can't even find the right word to describe what I was to receive a mother like I have, so grateful will have to do.

My mother never blinked an eye, never looked at me any differently and supported me fully in any and everything I did and still does. The problem is that my mom is a rarity in the South with how she acted towards me afterwards which I soon learned as more and more friends got rejected by their friends and family. Even my, now, husband was rejected at first by his family and my mother moved him in with us at only seventeen years old. I've always wanted to reach out to our community and help in some way, more so the youth. That's why the charity and our reach to the community part of the Sisters draws me as much as it does. I want to help the people that wasn't as blessed as me on how I was raised and accepted.

Another part of the Sister's that keeps my attention? The look. I've always had a thing for make up and getting dolled up but that's all it ever was because the idea of me on stage and lip syncing never appealed to me. So, I stuck to only playing around on Halloween and drunken weekends with my drag queen friends when I was younger. Also the normal day to day drag look wasn't for me. When it comes to drag makeup I am more of a Trixie versus a Willam.

I admit that I am shy in person at first but I open up pretty quickly. I'm nervous about this journey but also excited about what I can offer to the Sister's and what they can offer my life as well.