Once upon a time there was a young male who set out to find himself in a world unknown.

He was raised by his strong, southern baptist, father and his mother who was a devout Jehovah’s Witness. One would dare say that he needed to find his own center due to the conflicting morals within his own home. The young man had to face several trials in his life. Though he has conquered many obstacles life has thrown his way, he has but three trials that he vigorously fights every day. 

These three tenacious foes take form as racism, colorism and homophobia. I am a pretty charismatic guy with a smile that brightness everyone day, but I struggle when it comes to defeating problems such as these. This is where Sheida Token comes in to take center stage. Sheida is here to help join the ranks of woman before her and continue to strive to make this Earth a better place.

First off, growing up a sexy, smooth, cocoa covered milk dud has never been an easy task. We all have heard the saying, “once you go black, there’s no going back”! Well, in my case it’s ironically the truth. We all have our battles, and my skin tone as been one that struggle with daily. I, as Regis, have been able to surpass obstacles such as family abandonment, loss of long friendships, even monetary instability, but dodging the damages of the racism for being African American is difficult. Sheida is here to educate the community on the effects of the racism and the damages it creates within an individual. She is here to remind people to not to judge anyone and not to make anyone feel guilty for simply being comfortable for their skin. Which in turn gives people the opportunity to bloom into their truest self.

Secondly, I would like to remind everyone that, “I’M BLACK AND I’M PROUD!”, and I will always be. (Notice the capital letters. If you didn’t read it with attitude, a neck roll, finger snap, and a tongue pop you need to reread the latter sentence.). Now I will admit I have chosen an “adventurous” name, but I have done it to laugh at my self. I have dealt with colorism issues as far as I can remember. I remember the first time my shade of brown became a concern was when I was called a yard slave by my cousin when I was very young.

Sister Sheida Token

He was more a caramel to my coco brown. I cried at the time and my mom had to sit me down and explain colorism to me. In today’s day and age it has manifested into newer trends: twinks, bears, cubs, tops, bottoms, masculine, feminine, out and closeted men and woman. We literately has segregated the gay community by these “cliques or brands” that many identify with. Now, Sheida isn’t here to say that having an identifier is wrong, but putting down another identifier is. By being Sheida, I want to remind everyone that we need to embrace our difference so that we can uplift each other. We need to help everyone master their greatest traits, and not single each other out by only showing negative attributes.

Lastly, I want Sheida on this Earth to help with homophobia. I would love for the traditional version of homophobia to be the only battle. I would love to be standing in front of protestors combating every bible verse with another bible verse, but it has truly become more than that. I want to help young persons, and even some on the wiser side of things, find that being “different” is ok. We are all different. I want to remind everyone that accepting yourself helps you accept others. I want to show everyone that if you can find the joy within yourself that you can find the joy within someone else. I truly live by the saying, “one smile creates another.” I think that reminding people to be aware of other's fears is the smart thing to do. I want everyone to understand that being alert is a good thing, but I do not want them to be afraid to enjoy life.

Sheida’s main goals are to spread joy and acceptance through a strong sense of education and understanding. By continuing to education ones self you give yourself the ability to uproot and abolish ignorance. We have seen ignorance and misunderstand cause great damage before. If we continue to communicate and love one another we spread hope and joy like never before.

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