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Our Mission

Through grassroots activism, educational outreach, coalition-building, and the use of theatrical camp, The Abbey of the Grand Palmetto creates safe space for self-expression and identity.  Our ministry of joy, unconditional love, and acceptance allows us to integrate those traditionally disenfranchised and marginalized members of society and create a community that is rich in diversity, mutual respect, and harmony.

Penni P. N'cher

Selma Cooter

Founded in November of 2015, The Abbey of the Grand Palmetto, is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization and Fully Professed House of the Worldwide Order of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

We are dedicated to serving the people of the Upstate and bridging the divides in our communities, LGBTQIA+ and beyond.

We perform the same functions as sisters and nuns in various faiths and traditions, albeit with slightly different vows.  We care for the sick, educate the ignorant, raise funds for the needy, and minister to those needing succor.

We paint our faces and wear habits to push the envelope creating a space for those who need assistance in finding their own voice.

We believe that if we can be this outrageous, outlandish, and sometimes ridiculous, that there is room for everyone else to express themselves.

Ivana B. Frei

Our Vision

The Abbey of the Grand Palmetto envisions a world where every person is filled with joy, is devoid of stigmatic guilt, and is free to express their true and genuine self, knowing they are loved